Promote Peace: Give Insense Oil as a Gift

There is nothing more peaceful than sitting in a quiet room in the lotus position with incense burning nearby. That’s why many people who meditate choose incense over candles as their scents of choice. Incense is more overpowering, it’s evokes spirituality and it goes out on its own unlike candles, thus becoming less of a fire hazard. Of the incense burners, there tends to be two camps: the stick burning and the oil burning. Oil incense is unique in that it provides less clean up than the stick burning type and you can even make your own. You can learn to make incense oil on the internet and then you can give insense oil as a gift to promote peace and well being. Give it to your friends, your relatives or anyone else you’re supposed to give a gift to as it shows you truly care and it’s something made of your own hands which is always special.

Learning How To Make Insense Oil as a Gift

Before giving Insense oil as a gift, you’re going to have to learn how to make it yourself. For this, you should turn to the internet where there are many articles on how to do all sorts of things. You can learn how to make insense oil and you can even learn how to make various scents to please everyone on your gift buying list. Once you get good at making insense oil, you’ll be able to make all you want for everyone you have to buy for.

Find Out What They Like

Before you give insense oil as a gift, you should find out what kind of scent they like. Some people respond well to certain scents and not to others. For example, some people find that chamomile gives them a headache while others find that the scent soothes them. Once you find out what type of scent they really like, make them extra happy by giving them that insense oil as a gift.

Making More

Just know that when you give insense oil as a gift, you may run into a trap. The person you give the insense oil as a gift to may like it so much that they may ask you to make it for them again and again. That’s fine if you truly enjoy making insense oil but if you don’t you may want to tell them you bought it at the store so that you aren’t caught becoming an insense oil factory unwittingly.