Of Purest Quality: Goloka Nag Champa Incense

On the internet, there are many different wholesale nag champa incense stores that offer great prices on boxes of incense sticks, cones, soaps and many other items. In many of the stores, there boxes of nag champa incense sticks or cones only cost about two dollars per box, which is affordable by almost anyone’s standards. Besides the internet, there are many different alternative stores that sell the incense, such as candle stores, alternative music stores, and health food stores. Although incense became popular in the USA in the 1960’s, it was used in India and other Asian countries for thousands of years, being an central part of their religious ceremonies in their temples and at their home altars. Goloka nag champa incense is usually the type that is burned in the temples since it is usually considered the most pure of all the different types of nag champa incense.

Goloka Nag Champa Incense Purity

Goloka nag champa incense can be found in a stick form or in a cone form, in addition to being used in some soaps and lotions due to the pleasing fragrance and the lack of toxins in the products. Goloka nag champa incense is dedicated to the highest quality in the incense that is created and is often called the ‘golden’ nag champa incense due to this fact. Goloka nag champa incense is based on the name of heaven where the god Krishna lives. The Goloka nag champa incense is created to help individuals meditate and reach this place, bringing an individual into remembrance of the flute’s melody that is there, coming from the Lord Krishna himself according to the ancient texts.

Although all who burn the Goloka nag champa incense do not believe in Krishna, they do love the earthy aroma of the incense itself and how that aroma tends to hang in the air and on the furniture much longer than other types of incense. In addition, there are some companies that make the Goloka nag champa incense that donate some of the proceeds from its sales to help the poor children of India, which makes buying the incense a win-win situation for all involved. Although the Goloka nag champa incense sticks are usually the more popular items, having fun incense holders to use that are decorative and practical, the cones are also gaining popularity since they tend to burn more cleanly and do not leave ashes around the area where the incense is burned.