Earthy Nag Champa Incense

Many individuals enjoy burning incense in the home since it creates a soothing atmosphere through the wispy curls of smoke that are emitted by the incense when it is burned as well as the earthy or spicy aroma that permeates the room. Although incense sticks can be fairly heavy in a small environment, it is a great air freshener for any larger room. For those who enjoy a thicker atmosphere, burning it as a coil rather than a stick can emit more of the fragrance and fill the room more potently with the scent.

Popular Incense

Nag champa incense is a popular choice for individuals who like to burn incense in their homes. The nag champa incense is one of the best known of the incense scents since it was used back in the hippy movement and continued in more common use since that time. Nag champa incense sticks are very inexpensive to buy, with each stick lasting about thirty minutes. A box of sticks will often only cost under two dollars, with the coils costing a little bit more.

Nag champa incense has a very heavy smell with some people saying that is has an almost ‘wet’ feel to it. It tends to permeate the room and hover in the air for some time before dissipating, even after the incense stick has stopped burning. For most incense lovers, this is a good quality in incense, as some types of incense are barely perceptible after the stick has finished burning.

Nag champa incense is used in India in temples, being burned as an offering to the many different gods that are worshipped there. They are also burned in people’s homes at the home altars to those same gods in addition to other small gifts such as flowers. These sticks are made out of the plumeria flower, which has a very distinct smell to it. They are also made of the resin from the Ailanthus tree which is found in Asia, as well as the sandalwood tree. All of these highly aromatic ingredients are what form this distinct nag champa incense which many people adore.

There are many places that nag champa incense in its many forms can be ordered online if there is not a health food, candle store, or other type of alternative store that might sell types of incense. It is nice to be able to go into a store to buy the nag champa incense or any other type of incense for that matter because then the individual can smell the sticks of incense and decide which one he or she prefers.