What Is A Frankincense Candle?

Frankincense candle is actually used in aromatherapy to help calm a person’s mood. There are many other sources of aromatherapy with frankincense scent other than the frankincense candle such as essential oils and burning the frankincense “tears” direct from the tree. Frankincense is harvested from a tree from the genus Boswellia. It is pretty much harvested the same way as rubber from trees. The trunk of the tree is scraped deep enough to create a gouge from which resin will seep out of. The hardened resins that form are called “tears” and there are different varieties of frankincense.

This aromatherapy is still very well used in the Middle East up to this time. It was one of the gifts that was given to the baby Jesus and this shows how precious it is considered to be given to Him.

Benefits Of A Frankincense Candle

Basically, frankincense has been used for centuries, especially in the Middle East as part of several religious ceremonies. The burning of incense is traditional for many religions but frankincense is popular here. Frankincense candles were not created in the Middle East because they used to burn frankincense from sticks or to place the “tears” direct from the tree on coals for scent diffusion.

A frankincense candle when burned has the ability to deepen respiration which means that it has a calming and soothing effect on people. It also creates a meditative mood as well as inspires and introspective feeling in a person. Burning a frankincense candle in a place of worship helps in the concentration and focus of a person. This is probably one of the reasons why a frankincense candle or incense is used here.

Frankincense perfume or scent also has the ability to do the same as the frankincense candle. Another source for frankincense is its essential oil. This can be applied on wounds and injuries as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent. The essential oil of frankincense is used for massages, bath oils and total body care for the hair and skin. Inhalation through a frankincense candle or incense as well as diffusion is one way to be calm and centered.

Using a frankincense candle at home can help to make the ambience of the area better and calmer. It may not be a good idea to use in the work place since the soothing frankincense candle might induce drowsiness and too much of a relaxed atmosphere. It is not advisable to leave a frankincense candle or any other candle burning as you sleep.